Clear Skin Secrets - eCourse

This is a 4-part, 10-step, educational series that teaches you everything you need to know about achieving and maintaining clear skin, naturally.

It delivers information in an easy to understand, digestible manner and provides worksheets, exercises and guides to support you as you begin to make the changes your skin will benefit from.

Module 1 - Love The Skin You're In

- this section covers all things skincare and makeup including a make-up tutorial, lymphatic drainage demonstration and ingrained (as well as product) recommendations

Module 2 - The Clear Skin Diet

- this section covers common dietary breakout triggers (and some not so common ones too!) as well what you should be having more of to heal your skin

- this module also explores the nutrient deficiencies all acne sufferers have in common and what supplements are required for deep and lasting healing

Module 3 - Gut Health 101

- this section outlines how to support every step of digestion as well as what constitutes the three parts of a healthy gut-skin axis

Module 4 - Natural Detoxification

- this section details how you can support liver and lymphatic detoxification as well as how to actively begin to balance your hormones

This self-directed online course provides practical, step-by-step, interactive learning and assistance. It's designed to be completed at your own pace.